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Progressive Logistics specializes in helping you manage your supply chain through comprehensive inventory management. Our computerized inventory management solution, Accuplus®, provides real-time inventory and order status management solutions to clients. Customized reporting allows our customers to make educated inventory decisions and control inventory costs.

Our Supplier Aggregation Program (SAGG) program consolidates multiple suppliers servicing the same end user into one strategic location with mutual benefits to supplier and end user including:

    • Time & cost efficiences by consolidating truckloads from multiple suppliers to the same production floor
    • Greater consistency and inventory control by dedicating a customer service representative who can handle multiple suppliers for the benefit of the same end user

Inventory Management Capabilities:

    • Simultaneous tracking by SKU numbers, lots, or serial numbers
    • "First In, First Out" (FIFO), "Last In, First Out" (LIFO) quality control codes, UPC codes, or date code product rotation
    • Automatic assignment of unique internal lot control numbers from origin to destination tracking
    • Integrated product locator system to track by facility, aisle-bay, and floor locations
    • Multiple SKUs traced in one location
    • Electronic transmission of on-hand inventories, product activity and history
    • Automatic generation of bills of lading, pick tickets, and packing lists
    • Orders can be instantaneously added to, changed or deleted
    • Carrier-warehouse pallet exchange recording
    • Customized reporting capabilities
    • Cycle counting and physical inventory programs
    • RF bar code scanning
    • EDI capabilities

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