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Progressive Logistics has a proven track record of serving leading food providers and manufacturers. Our commitment to bringing you the best warehouse management logistics and bulk food storage service is shown in our organic and AIB warehousing certifications.

Our modern food grade warehouse features 24-hour monitored security with an ongoing sanitation/pest control program to ensure a clean and stable environment in accordance with today’s regulatory compliance requirements. We offer dry storage warehousing for rack and bulk storage that is AIB/organic certified and can be rail-served. This allows producers from the East Coast to the West Coast to ship direct into our warehouse for food storage and distribution throughout the entire Midwest market.

Food & Dry Storage Types

  • Bulk Products
  • Ingredients
  • Cans
  • Bags
  • Finished Goods

AIB Certified Warehouse

AIB Certified HAACP Coordinator

AIB Certified Warehouse

When choosing a 3PL partner, safety should be top priority. An excellent testament to proper bulk food handling and distribution is an inspection by the AIB. The AIB, formally known as the American Institute of Baking, has provided inspections and audits for food grade warehouse services in more than 120 countries for over 60 years.

Comprehensive AIB inspections evaluate the adequacy of five categories that a food grade warehouse is required to meet to keep products wholesome and safe.

Methods and Pratices

        • This category is directly linked to the handling, processing, storage, and monitoring of food to deliver and distribute a wholesome final product. A food grade warehouse needs to be confident that its personnel and conditions do not present contamination in these processes.


        • Maintenance for food safety is related to equipment grounds and structures. The design of food grade warehouses and facilities are vital in the process of keeping food safe. According to the Maintenance for Food Safety Standards, this pertains from areas such as to waste and dust removal, drainage, lighting ventilation. A warehouse must be designed in a way so that the equipment and facility can be easily cleaned and managed to keep food safe.


        • Cleaning practices are similar to maintenance standards, but focus on the appropriate chemicals used in sanitizing and how frequently cleaning occurs. The AIB standard cleaning applies to food- contact surfaces as well as cosmetic cleaning of work and support areas.

Pest Management

        • For any facility pest removal is vital. It is more important, however, to prevent pests from ever entering a food environment. According to the AIB, the internal and external areas of a facility must be monitored by a licensed or trained-in house personnel or a licensed pest control contractor. The AIB offers multiple approaches to ensure the safety of food products from pests.

Management and Teamwork

        • The AIB audits the coordination of management support and departments of a food grade warehouse to deliver a product safely. This category is put into place to ensure the entire facility is working together to train, document and educate their teams to deliver a safe product.

From the extensive audits the AIB conducts to become an AIB Certified Warehouse, you can rest assured Progressive Logistics will handle your bulk food in the most proper manner from start to finish. Our food grade, dry storage warehouses are modern and efficient to provide the highest industry standards for our customer’s inventory, while meeting all requirements from the AIB.

Certified Organic Warehousing

Certified Organic Warehousing

Progressive Logistics is a certified organic warehouse by Ecocert ICO. Ecocert ICO is accredited by the USDA and the NOP (National Organic Program). The NOP is a section of the USDA that regulates the standards of the production and handling of organic agricultural products. Progressive Logistics has demonstrated its ability to maintain the organic integrity of products, ingredients and finished goods through organic inspections and audits by Ecocert ICO.

At Progressive Logistics, we adhere our dry food storage warehouses to strict standards to ensure that your products are safe. Our commitment to our facilities and dedicated team are shown through our certifications and average personnel tenure of over 15 years. When you partner with Progressive Logistics, we become an extension of your organization. We are here to serve your specific needs because service is our business. Contact us today or give us a call at 317-351-5333.

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