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AIB Certified Warehouse

AIB Certified Warehouse

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AIB-Certified Warehouse

While food safety may be a priority for your business, products may not reach the customer in the ideal condition if a supply chain partner isn’t equally committed. As a certified AIB GMP food grade warehouse location, Progressive Logistics has created the best possible operations and environment for food product handling and storage. 

AIB Certification Explained

The American Institute of Baking, or AIB International, is one of the world’s foremost providers of training and certification programs related to food safety, quality management, process optimization, and recall avoidance. For a third-party logistics or warehousing company to receive AIB International certification, it must undergo extensive audits to determine whether food-grade products can be kept wholesome and safe. Processes covered include: 

AIB-Certified HAACP Warehouse

-Operational Methods And Personnel Practices

-Maintenance For Food Safety

-Cleaning Practices

-Integrated Pest Management 

-Adequacy of Prerequisite Food Safety Programs

Why Work With An AIB-Certified Warehouse?

Security Monitored Facilities
Security Monitored Facilities
Controlled Temperature Environment
Controlled Temperature Environment
Successful Order Fulfillment
Successful Order Fulfillment
Shared/Public Warehouse Space
Shared/Public Warehouse Space

Why Does The AIB Certification Matter?

AIB audits are rigorous affairs conducted annually by independent, impartial parties. They typically take one or two days and cover all aspects of warehousing operations, from the procedure and paperwork reviews to equipment and facility conditions. A relatively intense process, many warehousing companies don’t go through with it. 


All warehousing facilities must comply with federal, state, and local regulations covering food handling and storage, but few meet those of the AIB. Its requirements challenge them to truly optimize operations and create the safest possible environment for food products.


When a 3PL has AIB certification, you can rest assured knowing they have what it takes to protect food products as they travel through the supply chain. It also shows the 3PL is process-driven since it focuses on sustainable, repeatable processes built into all roles and procedures within the company. This approach ensures that every action taken inside the warehouse is performed in accordance with applicable food safety best practices.


As an AIB-certified HAACP Coordinator with years of experience, Progressive Logistics has what it takes to handle and store food-grade products safely. Together, we can improve your supply chain while prioritizing food safety.


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  • Racked or Bulk Freezer, Cooler
  • Blast Freezing
  • Order Pallet Picking / Case Picking
  • Transloading
  • USDA Import / Export Inspections
  • Cross Docking and Load Consolidation
  • State of the Art Radio Frequency (RF) and Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI)
  • Customer Web Portal — Secure portal 24 hours a day. Customers can access lot information/histories, pending/shipped orders, run inventory reports, and email HTML and/or CSV file formats of pertinent queries performed 
  • Customizable WMS — Customer workflow customization simple to complex — includes documents, special picking preferences by product and/or consignee, labels, etc. Customers can track all movement of product from receipt to shipment confirmation real time
  • Customizable Inventory Tracking — Dates, pallet license plates, box serial numbers, production batch codes, weights, track establishment numbers, etc
  • Freezer temperatures to -20° F
  • Ultra-low temperatures range: -10° F to -20° F
  • QuickFreeze™: Tunnels and high-velocity air movement to quickly remove heat from fresh product
  • Room Freezing and Chilling: In-room temperature reduction based upon customer specifications
  • Product Tempering: Increasing core product temperature according to customer specification
  • Verification of count and condition of the product
  • Application of RF bar code identification tags to every pallet
  • Retrieval of full pallet or individual cases as specified
  • Order assembly: Single case order picking, stretch wrapping, and marking of the pallet with shipping identification
  • Pallet Module Building: Customized rainbow pallet assembly of specific products to accommodate specific shipments
  • Case Weight Taking: RF bar code scan to retrieve and tally catch weight boxes with recap total
  • Clamp Equipment Loading / Unloading: Forklift mounted attachment used for the mechanical handling and palletizing of product
  • Cross Dock / Trans-loading: Receiving product in full pallet quantities to be staged for immediate reshipment
  • Hand-stack Loading / Unloading: Manpower provided to palletize or floor load individual cases/units
  • Labeling / Stamping: Product packaging or cases that need to be specially stamped or labeled
  • Re-Palletizing, Spreader: Insertion and removal
  • Short Hold Storage: Intact customer orders received and held in storage for short periods (usually less than 3 days) prior to pick-up or re-shipment
  • Slip-sheet Loading / Unloading: Pallet quantities of the product received or shipped using slip-sheet and forklift equipment with special attachment
  • Stretch Wrapping: Plastic stretch wrapping of palletized product for extra protection while in transit or while being stored

AIB-Certified Food-Grade Warehousing Indianapolis Solutions

Our modern warehouse has 24-hour monitored security and undergoes regular sanitation and pest control treatments, ensuring a clean and stable environment. Ambient, climate-controlled, cooler, and freezer warehousing for racked and bulked storage is available. Team members are highly trained, quality-minded, safety-conscious, and overseen by experienced management personnel. 

At Progressive Logistics, we don’t have a job to do until you trust us. Storing and moving food products should be the easiest part of your business, enabling you to focus on what you do best. That’s why we do everything possible to streamline the process, such as becoming an AIB food-certified warehouse.

Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our AIB-certified food-grade warehouse services. We’d love to discuss our capabilities and how they benefit your products in greater detail.

We Proudly Service

Progressive Logistics offers both dedicated and public/shared warehouse space. Our facilities are modern, efficient, sanitation-certified and security-monitored to provide the highest standards for our customer’s inventory.

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